Friday, June 28, 2013

High Five for Friday

1.  The Video
I know you've been sitting at home for these past two weeks waiting for me to download here it is...they're so silly, but it's still so sweet to watch their little compilation of songs for their dad.  Love these girls!

2.  Season Tickets
Football season is around the corner.  You can feel it in the air when you drive past the high school.  Practices have started.  There is early morning activity on the field.  The band is enjoying one last month of vacation before marching practice begins again for them.  Summer is short if you're involved in Texas high school football.  Savannah and I went to the Athletic Center on Tuesday afternoon to pick up our season tickets.  
Aren't they beautiful??  I'm just going to put them on the desk and stare at them for the next two months.  :)

3.  New Treasures
Emma and I have started a weekly summer ritual of wandering to Hobby Lobby and browsing the 80% off section.  Mostly we don't find anything we need, but it's fun to pick things up and consider them anyway.  This week, though, we found this gorgeous bowl.  It's beautiful all by itself, but then when that lamp on the table comes on, it GLOWS with this turquoise brilliance that I can't take my eyes off of.  And it was only $6 which is practically free, right? 

4.  Crepe Myrtles
The myrtles are in full bloom everywhere.  That's one of the best things about June in Dallas.    Myrtles.  Even the name is endearing.  I love them...especially the pinks.  

5.  HUGE Weekend Plans!

Hope it's a great weekend for you, too!  


  1. Love this all, bloggy friend! And I will never tire of our things we have in common game! : ) Happy Weekend! : )

    1. Oh good, because I anticipate finding LOTS more things! And thanks! Happy weekend to you too. :)