Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Twilight Camp

It is summer.  I am supposed to be lazing by the pool, reading fluffy, fiction novels, and eating popsicles.  But this week, we have had yet another camp to prepare for and transport people to.  Maybe next week, I'll get to be lazy and summer-y...

Twilight Camp is new for us.  Since McKay is a Bear in Cub Scouts, he's old enough to participate in this day camp experience.  We've been gathering things for him all month as we also prepared girls for their camp and the Scout Master for his.  Thank goodness McKay's list was much smaller and more manageable.  (sort of...)

He needed a 5-gallon bucket for hauling all of his stuff that could also do double duty as a seat during projects and group activities.   They gave us the option of decorating these, but I wasn't really up to it.  
...until Savannah found the hot glue gun and a HUGE assortment of googly eyes in one of my craft boxes.  Who knew I even had those??

They also gave us the option of making something called SWAPS that McKay could trade with other Scouts for their SWAPS.  McKay makes friends by the dozens and with very little effort, so we knew we had to make A LOT of these things.  All three girls pooled their efforts and made these cute little foam boots for McKay to give away.  They were a pretty big hit!  Once again, I'm so glad the girls were available and willing to help.

We met at the den leader's home and a handful of little boys in lime green t-shirts loaded into vans and drove off to McKinney.  We'll do this everyday this week at 3:20 and then pick them back up at 9:30 after they're finished.  

It's a little tricky to get four busy kids to all the places they need to be this week with only one car and one parent available, but it's so much fun to pick McKay up at night and hear him talk about all the fun things he's doing at Twilight Camp.  I'm grateful for the leaders who are actually GOING TO Twilight Camp with these ten little boys, and for the great memories that my busy kids are making this summer.


  1. What fun McKay is having! So glad it's summer & glad you are getting to spend time with your sweeties!

    1. I love that part, too! It's nice to have them home and available more.