Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Girls Camp 2013

I'm not staying for Girls' Camp like I did last year, which is ok with me because they're in tents, and I'm not sure that I've ever actually slept in a tent.  

But I volunteered to drive the YCLs up early this morning.  
A few stragglers forgot to bring their stuff early yesterday.  Good thing I brought the van!  And yep, that's Savannah's guitar.  She spent the afternoon yesterday making a little notebook of tabs for all of her favorite songs to sing around the campfire.  I'm so happy she's playing that thing!

The girls in the middle are spelling out Y C L...the ones on the end are parentheses?? Vanna White??  I'm not really sure.


It's not too long a drive, so I was able to make it back in time to catch the younger girls for a quick picture before they left.  

The theme for Camp is Harry Potter, so all the girls got HP glasses.  The Emmas had to model theirs first.  

I love this camp experience these girls are able to have every year.  And I love that my three girls look forward to camping so much, despite their mother's lack of camping enthusiasm.  Even though camping isn't my favorite thing, I'm really going to miss hanging out with all the girls this year.  I love the energy at Camp and the little spiritual things that sneak into an ordinary day.  It's a good thing I'm going up again on Thursday!  


  1. Ok...so we ARE alike! Camping isn't really my thing either! I am all about organizing everything for everyone and washing everything when it comes back. In between, I am snuggled in my fresh, clean bed at home!

    Looks like the girls will have a fun week indeed...How wonderful for all of them!

    Have a nice day, new bloggy friend!

    1. Ok, I'm just going to keep writing my blog and reading your blog until we discover all the other things we have in common! :)