Friday, March 15, 2013

High Five for Spring Break

We've had such a great, relaxing spring break.  I decided to take a little Blog Break, too, because every now and then I think I sort of need those.  

Here's a quick recap of our week...

1.  Golf Lessons.  McKay was thrilled to start golfing again!  Weather was perfect.  Old coaches and friends were reunited.  And renovations on the golf course looked beautiful, too.  

2.  Easter decorations.  Easter is SO early this year.  What am I going to put on the mantel for three whole months between April and July!?

3.  Rearranging Furniture.  I decided it was time to make the bedroom look more like a bedroom and less like dual office spaces, so I moved this fluffy chair down from the upstairs playroom.  (The details of that aren't really necessary to divulge here...there were stairs, it's a big, bulky chair, and I did it by myself.  That's all you really need to know.  No walls or children were damaged in the process.)  And then I moved the desk from my room to Megan's room.  Then Megan's desk into McKay's room.  Everyone got new furniture and everyone was pretty happy about that.  Except now there's a cavernous space in the upstairs playroom that is crying loudly for a sectional sofa!  Keep your fingers crossed that I can make that happen.  

4.  DIY Projects.  This one thing may entirely justify my Pinterest account.  I did not come up with this idea on my own.  But I did DO IT all on my own.  That's the picture I took for my last photography class.  I had it enlarged to an engineering print at Staples for $3.56, then bought foam insulation board at Lowe's for $11 (they cut it for me there), then used spray adhesive to attach it, and then colored the edges black with a giant Sharpie.  More details here.  Poof!  A giant poster of Megan playing the bass in her room!  She loves it and I am so SO happy with it.  

5.  Absolutely PERFECT weather!  It was closer to the 60s and 70s earlier in the week, but low 80s isn't bad either.  

...sprinkle in a few movies, shopping trips, skate parks, jumpy places, and lunches,  and it was a great, great week.  I'm a little sad that it's all coming to an end in 48 hours.  

Hope you had a great week, too!

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  1. What a great week you all had! That picture is beautiful of course. You are going to inspire me to make one! Hope this week is terrific, too!:)