Saturday, February 23, 2013

Last Photography Class

This morning, in our final 20 minutes, we showed our three favorite shots of the week to the rest of the class, this time on a giant screen via flash drive and a laptop.  I had no idea what I was doing so I just randomly picked a jpeg file and clicked on it.  These are the first two shots that came up.  Only mild reviews...good color, etc...

...and then I clicked on the arrow and showed them this one...
...and the class literally erupted in applause.  Really!  I'm not sure who started it, but I turned around and the whole class was cheering for this picture.  How exciting is that?!  And I was so happy they liked it because other than the Sonic cup picture that I accidentally took on my first day, this is the best one I've taken in the last six weeks.  Spell Girl wants it enlarged and hung in her room...maybe one of those canvas prints?

I have totally loved taking this class.  I'm not an expert yet, but I know how to get there faster than I did 6 weeks ago.  I feel more confident using my camera and I'm taking better pictures...and not just by accident!  

But the thing I've loved the most about this class is the part where I've gotten to meet such nice people, and we've all helped each other get better.  It was so fun to see all of their pictures and to see their confidence levels grow, too.  I'm going to miss all my photography friends.  I'm sure they would HATE these pictures being anywhere on the internet, so I'll leave their identities anonymous, but it was fun to "shoot" each other when we practiced things like depth of field and white balance in the classroom.  And now I have them forever preserved!  

Thanks, everyone, for an amazing 6 weeks!  

Oh, and just in case you missed this shot a few weeks's the best picture I've ever taken in my might have to become a canvas print, too.
Ode to a Sonic Cup

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