Thursday, March 7, 2013

Throwback Thursday

This is one of my favorite pictures EVER of Craig's family.  It's is an outtake, but it's the one I have hanging in our family gallery because I think it's more genuine than the one where we all look posed and ready.  I love that it shows how effortless it is when we're together.  I love that Craig is laughing with his brothers.  I love that two of them are looking at their wives.  And I love that my friend, Shalon, who took this picture, captured this moment.  

I can totally remember everything about this day.  We were at the end of our month long trip to Utah in July 2011.  We had asked the people who own this property if we could take our family picture there, and we dragged the ENTIRE family and a photographer up there to do it.  It was a perfect summer day in Mendon...but really, everything after May is pretty much perfect there.  I remember how the air smelled, how the breeze felt, what the gorgeous Wellsville mountains looked like in the distance.  And while we took this picture, the kids were all standing around having their own happy cousin connections.  

I also happen to love that this picture was taken when I was at my happy weight.  That weight comes and goes for me.  But this picture proves that it isn't that far away, that it's very attainable, and that I'm happiest when I'm at that weight.  

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