Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Alone Again...

We had a sad and pitiful morning at our house today.  

You may remember in September, for her 16th birthday, the other kids pooled their money and bought Savannah a fish.  Well, Taquito's super cool tank came with a divider which would lead someone to believe that it might be fun to house TWO bettas in it, right?

Savannah had been talking about adopting a brother for Taquito for awhile, but the timing didn't seem quite right until last week (Spring Break.)  She and Megan used their newly acquired freedom and the recently-filled tank of gas in the van to pop over to PetSmart and pick out the brother of Taquito's dreams.  They cleaned the tank, conditioned the water, inserted the divider and dumped in the new fish, Empanada (yeah...we sort of have a thing for Mexican food around here.)  And everyone was thrilled...except possibly Taquito.

This morning, an already stressed out and moody Savannah came home from Seminary and fell into a heap on the couch.  Empanada had died sometime in the night.  

I didn't have the heart to make her dispose of her own fish, so I picked up her little heap of a self and pushed her up the stairs to finish getting ready for school.  Poor little thing.

After the coast was clear, I moved Taquito and a lifeless Empanada into the bathroom and tried to figure out how the heck to get one or both of them out of their tank so I could clean it.  Who knows how long Taquito had been swimming around in that death water!  I searched for a net, plunked it in the death side of the tank, and fished out Empanada.  And then I closed my eyes and dumped him in the toilet.  That is a harder thing than you might think, by the way, especially when you've never done it before.  

Then I spent the next hour getting Taquito safely out of the hazardous waste, and cleaning the fish tomb...also not as easy as you might think if you've never done it before. it just my imagination or does Taquito look remarkably content for a fish who has just been through such a traumatic experience??  I think he likes having his space all to himself again.

RIP Empanada Thunell 3/14/13 - 3/20/13
"Don't worry, all drains lead to the ocean."  - Gill

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  1. Oh was traumatic when our fish died, too. I do,however, love the names :) I hope Savannah feels better!