Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I listen too much to the things people say.  Sometimes well-intentioned people toss things out that are relatively meaningless in their minds, but their words linger in my head for way TOO long.  And sometimes I let those words change the way I live.

Someone told me recently that my blog seemed sugar coated, like a watered down version of reality, like I was trying to appear rosy and perfect.  

I've sat with that for a long time and scrutinized everything I've posted since hearing it.  I've made a few subtle changes.  And I haven't written much in the last two weeks because I've filtered everything through the words "sugar coated," "rosy," and fake.   And I have gotten so frustrated a couple of times that I've considered some drastic changes, like privatizing my blog or just deleting it all together.

I don't want to sound like a Pollyanna.  I don't want to appear perfect, because I'm definitely not.  

I have crappy days.  
I've done crappy things.  
I choose donuts and cookies over green smoothies way too often.  
I only go to the gym sporadically.  
I get frustrated with my kids and my husband.  
If the seat belt alarm in the car weren't so annoying, I probably would never wear that thing.  
I am completely and totally addicted to sugar.  
I'm not very responsible with money.   
I'm irrational and destructive when I get mad.  
I procrastinate.  
I waste time.  
I give up.  
I yell.  
I whine.  
I complain.  
...and then I feel horribly guilty about all that stuff and sometimes choose to check out of life for awhile and just sit in the guilt (accompanied by cookies and donuts.)  

My life is not perfect.  But it's really, really good.  And even though there are all those things that are daily challenges for me, there are many more amazing things that I would much rather write about than all the crap.  

This blog isn't a place to write about the crap.   I've intentionally chosen to make it a place to be grateful for all the Stuff I LOVE.  A place to acknowledge all the merciful ways that Heavenly Father makes up the difference when I fall short.  A place to recognize, remember and share the things I notice during ordinary days that are extraordinary and miraculous.  Because there are a lot more of those.  

So, I'm not making any more changes to this blog, (except maybe that banner that looks way too wintery for spring.)  I'm not going to restructure the posts I write.   And I'm not going to spend any more time worrying about who may or may not like what I write.  

Because gratitude is reality for me.  


  1. YOU GO, NANNERS! And point me toward the meanie who wrote that' I'll kick 'em in the shins.

  2. P.S. I love your blog, and YOU, just the way you both are. And if the person who made that lame statement is reading this: I've known Haunani for almost THIRTY years. Yes, THIRTY. And what she writes here is WHO SHE IS. So stop being jealous and petty and go find some gratitude of your own.

  3. I love who you are as a blogger! You always inspire me through your posts. Don't ever stop! :)

  4. I know it is hard to get past it when someone says something like that. But it is not true. I would just keep doing what you are doing! As a blogger, you want to put your best self out there! But I think it is important to be real when you are writing. And you are!

  5. Ok. So there are a few reasons people blog. Mine, like yours, is for a creative outlet. To put things out there that we feel are important to us. If someone does not like my blog my suggestion would be to go find one they like. Because there are a bazillion out there. Most blog I love are one that are POSITIVE. I love the world through your eyes. Thank you for all the sugarcoatedness that you bring. Because there is so much bad and ugly and terrible things happening,that I don't want to hear about. Most blogs do put their best forward. So yes you are guilty of that. But what a wonderful thing to be guilty of. Do not let others cloud your mind and heart. You keep on with what you are doing however you want to. It's your blog and your freedom. I don't even know you personally, only through blogging. But I know a friend when I see one. You don't worry about what you write. I love Stuff I Love. Now you go have a great day minus negative people!:)Love, Karen

  6. Thanks so much everyone for your very sweet comments. They are uplifting and encouraging, for sure! Love all of you! <3

  7. I love your blog. I don't think you paint it perfectly rosy, but that you are generally a happy and content person. That kind of reality is wonderfully refreshing if you ask me. Many people are not happy, hate happy blogs, and roll their eyes at the "happy." I was thinking about this very thing the other day. I have no addiction stories. I haven't been divorced. I'm not prone to tantrums. Nothing has died at my house except the chickens. Thank goodness! Keep blogging; it's YOUR blog, your writing. And to paraphrase what someone once told me, "You must be doing something right if not everyone likes you." I like you :)

  8. Gosh, some people are so rude, just reading the title of your blog says that the intention of your blog is to focus on the positive! I'm so glad you didn't decide to delete it!