Friday, March 1, 2013

High Five for Friday

Best Birthday Treat:

Vanilla Bean Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory

Best Birthday Presents:
sparkles from Emma

the last piece of the set, from my mom

Best Birthday Surprise on my MAC:
You know when you click on Google, there's always something they're celebrating?  I saw this on Monday and thought, "Oh yay!  Something else's birthday is today, too."  And then I hovered my mouse over it to see what Google was celebrating, and guess what it was MY birthday.  Google knows when my birthday is!  I'm not sure if that's a happy thing or something to be concerned about, but either way it was fun to see Google spelled out in birthday cakes because of me.  It's nice to feel significant.  :)

Best Way to Celebrate Birthday Week:
Monday:  Institute in the morning, lunch and pedicures with a friend, and then choir from 9-11 that night...perfect day!  <3
Tuesday:  Jammies all day catching up on Top Chef and Oprah's Life Class episodes that I've missed.
Wednesday:  Lunch with Craig and Savannah to celebrate her new driving freedom.
Thursday:  Lunch with Amy!
Friday:  Lunch with Karryn
Tomorrow:  Much needed hair appointment 

Best Validation of the Week:
The lady at Market Street saw my necklace this week and commented on how pretty it was.  I said thank you and told her it was a birthday present.  And then Emma chimed in about how she had given it to me because I always steal hers and now I have my own.  I guess because we sounded a little like we were bickering, the cashier said, "You must be SISTERS!"  Emma and I both laughed and I said, "Oh, that's so nice.  I'm actually her mom."  And the cashier turned to Emma and said, "Honey, you have really good genes."  
Hooray!  It's nice to still be mistaken for a teenager at 43.  

There have been way too many treats and way too many lunches this week, and not enough gym, but it was an awesome, super fun week of total spoilage.  I haven't cooked or cleaned a thing, but it's still gotten done.  And now, thanks to the new driver in our home, half my carpooling responsibilities have been taken away, too.  

Thanks so much, sweet family and friends, for making me feel like a princess this week!


  1. Vanilla Bean Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory is AMAZING!

  2. Happy birthday, dear Haunani! Glad your birthday was wonderful and you still look like a teenager :)