Friday, March 22, 2013

High Five for Friday

The weather is grey and dreary today and my mood seems to be reflecting the same.  

I'm SO glad it's Friday.  The Scout Master has been gone for the last five days and after three weeks of this travel schedule, I'm about done.  The kids and I are no longer speaking to each other.  We have existed on mostly frozen things and microwave popcorn for the entire week.   Megan had a chair test today and is now THIRD chair instead of first chair for the first time in a year!  Emma did NOT make it into PALs (Peer Assistance and organization at the middle school and high school that is part leadership, part peppy, mostly socially desirable.)  A fish died.  People have been in seriously BAD moods.  And guess what...we get to do this all over again next week, only hopefully without all the drama and tears.  sigh...April is just around the corner, right?  

Here are some of the better parts of the week...

1.  Beatles Week on American Idol.  I LOVED this.  Every song was great.  Every singer was amazing.  And I LOVED that a bunch of kids who had never even heard a Beatles song before, instantly stirred up Beatles love all over again.   I added four more songs to my karaoke list.  (I'm ready for the next party, Rodriguez's!)

2.  New Dishwasher!  Our thirteen year old dishwasher had the tiniest little leak and required a dishtowel to be placed on the floor underneath it every time we turned it on.  Sometimes I would forget to do that.   So the Scout Master finally gave in to my pleading and bought me a new one.  It was installed on Thursday.  Oh, how I love this thing!  It is SO much quieter than the old one and doesn't leak even a little bit!

3.   Bloggy Friends.  I really was not expecting the outpouring of love after my little rant in Tuesday's post.  I love my bloggy friends (and my real life friends) who are so kind to say such uplifting things.  I should be able to last for at least a couple of months on those sweet comments.  Thank you so much!

4.   New Phones for the Girls  Since Emma has been babysitting a ton lately and since no one has a house phone anymore, we felt like it was a bit of a necessity for her safety and the safety of other people's babies to get her a phone (NOT an iPhone, just a plain old thing that texts and calls.)  Poor little Megan had been using my old Blitz phone from 2010.  The thing was dying a slow death and only sending every third text, so no chance of passing that on to Emma.  So they BOTH got new phones (sigh...our lives have officially changed forever...again)  Here is the official check-in/charging location for all devices at 9:00pm every night...well, mine stays up a little later than that.   Aren't their cases so cute?  

5.  Departure  Finally...after three days of business in PHX, two days of playing in SLC, and two hours of weather delays and plane de-icings this afternoon, the Scout Master is about to depart from Denver to Dallas.  Hooray!

It's been a long, tiring week and I'm looking forward to an equally long, not as tiring 48 hours with my husband home before the single-parent life starts again on Monday morning.  

Have a great weekend, everyone!! 

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