Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Last Home Game

Last night was the last home game of the season.  It was also Senior Night.  This is always a sad night for me.  Even though we'll play another handful of play-off games and even though the seniors will still be hanging around for another 6 months or so, I always get a little glum at the end of this game.  It means the end of another season of football games, spirit wear, socializing with Allen Eagle fans, and watching that amazing halftime show.  It will be way too long before next fall rolls around and we get to do this all over again.
Look how gorgeous the stadium looks at night!  I LOVE this place!!
It was an absolutely perfect night for football...70 degrees and breezy.
Tuffy the Eagle
It took awhile to make that first touchdown, but we finally did it just before halftime.  Phew!
The stadium was completely packed last night with Allen and Plano fans. 
Tonight's was the first home game that we've had in a month, so this was the first opportunity the band had to dress up for their traditional Boo Bowl.  It's pretty hilarious to see the costumes they come up with.

This is our favorite Tallenette and Flowering Buttercup's BFF! 
Here's what happened after halftime that I didn't take any pictures of because I was too busy biting my nails.  The score was close through the whole game.  In fact, they were leading for a good chunk of the first half.  By the last minute of the 4th quarter we were up 35-28.  With 35 seconds left they scored a TD...eek!!  And then they went for the 2 point conversion...eek!!  But thankfully their receiver dropped the ball and the game ended with Allen 35 Plano 34...Phew!!  We were already the district champs, but holy cow! that was way too close.  Super fun game though...the kind where no one leaves the stadium until about 10 minutes after the game ends because they're all trying to remember how to breathe.    
Football players shaking hands with their adoring fans...and tons of security to keep us all from rushing the field.  :)

This was the first game that we've been able to talk Spell Girl into coming to.  She's strongly opposed to hanging out with us at football games.  But since Flowering Buttercup was babysitting and June was at a birthday party, we convinced her that she would have so much more fun with us than just sitting at home alone.  Hooray for Spell Girl!  I think she even liked it a little.

We have had so much fun in this new stadium with this awesome football team.  Unfortunately there haven't been enough Rodriguez moments for us this season, but hopefully next year we can coordinate our tickets and sit near them.

Congratulations Allen Eagles on winning the District Championship!!  <3

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