Wednesday, November 14, 2012


My kids are funny.  Sometimes they totally make me laugh.  Here are some random examples from this week:

Since turning 14, Spell Girl has had a lot of new experiences (dances, youth conference, firesides, etc...) so Flowering Buttercup felt like it would be an appropriate thing to impart some "older sister" wisdom:
"Sometimes you'll get randomly grumpy for no reason.  Just go in your room and close the door.  It's better that way."  
"And, when you're dancing with a boy...NO bear hugging!  Make sure there's enough room between you that Jesus can fit!"
Good advice, huh? 

This morning, Flowering Buttercup was giddy about someone who was finally following her (on Instagram.)  McKay leaped up the stairs behind her and said, "Look!  I'm following you!"

The Scout Master has been out of town this week and that always means a few extra kids in my bed at night.  They are not peaceful sleepers.  They snore.  They talk in their sleep.  They kick.  They steal covers.  Because of this I have come to lovingly refer to them as "the puppies" because the experience is a little bit like sleeping with several puppies.  As much as I enjoy the additional "security" of having another body in the bed with me, it's often not a restful sleep for any of us.  On Monday night, I had THREE of them in bed!  Just after everyone was settled and quiet, Mack sat up and said, "I feel like something's missing."  And then he jumped out of bed and ran upstairs to ask Flowering Buttercup if she wanted to come down and have a sleep over with us.  (How sweet is that?)  She said no and he said, "Ok, well, we'll miss you."

Last night we had a repeat of our Monday night sleep over and he asked me to text Flowering Buttercup to see if she had changed her mind about sleeping with the rest of us.  

And then the other two wanted to chime in...

I love that they love each other so much.  Every time they're thoughtful and considerate and cute with each other, it makes their less appealing behavior fade a little bit.  I love watching them discover that the people who live in this house are pretty awesome.

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