Friday, November 2, 2012

High Five for Friday

1.  Song of the Week
I have been listening to this song ALL week!
Love this song.  Love these guys.  Love their amazing voices.

2.  Early Voting!  
What a great idea to be able to vote the entire week before the actual election.  The Scout Master and I both voted on Tuesday and it was so quick and easy, we managed to sneak in lunch, too!!

3.  The first chili of the season...always on Halloween.

4.  Tootsie Rolls!  
I love these things...only at Halloween, though.  I get my once a year fix and then I'm good until next October.  I have the kids trained to immediately take them out of their bags and make a pile for me.  Apparently they mentioned this to their friends, too, because I had kids I barely know walk up to me and give me handfuls of Tootsie Rolls this year!  Hooray for Halloween!!  These little treats will definitely come in handy on a road trip we have planned this month!

5.  Just Dance 4
Spell Girl got this for her birthday last week and we have LOVED it!!  Last Saturday night we all stayed up late and played for HOURS!  There's really nothing like a competitive dance session to bond you to your teenagers.  Spell Girl was so good at it that she currently has the high score on nearly every song and is the reigning Just Dance Queen.  Unfortunately for her, she danced so hard that she now has a sprained rotator cuff...yep...for real.  I guess the rest of us can use the next 10 days to practice our dance moves while the Queen heals.  

Happy Friday everyone!!


  1. So much awesomeness in this post! Chili, dancing, and tootsie rolls! And I sure wish I'd voted early too! Guess I'll brave the polls next week!