Thursday, November 8, 2012

Etiquette Dinner

Last night, the girls were able to attend the Combined YM/YW Etiquette Dinner.  I got to sneak in and take these cute pictures, but I missed the part where the girls were escorted from the chapel into the gym where they were seated for dinner.  We have so many boys in this ward that most of the girls had TWO escorts.  

The YM/YW leaders were the servers for this event and they were SO CUTE!  Some of them had some great waiter-skills leftover from past lives apparently.  :)


Mack and a friend had a smaller, quieter, younger version of an Etiquette Dinner in the YW room.  They sure were lucky all those moms in the kitchen made them special "helper" plates.  

This was such a great evening for the youth in our ward.  It was a huge success and my girls are still talking about what a great time they had.  I'm so grateful that these wonderful activities are so well planned and that the kids are so enthusiastic about being there.  I love this ward and the people who do so much to make it amazing.

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