Saturday, December 3, 2011


Last spring, Spell Girl's teacher suggested that she enter a writing contest sponsored by the Read3Zero Foundation.  They wanted short stories submitted for a compilation book to be published later in the year.  

Spell Girl is a prolific writer.  She has scribbles on every blank piece of paper she can find.  She writes something every single day...and if she doesn't we ALL feel the effects.  In her free time she finds obscure words in the dictionary and figures out ways to use them throughout the week.  (This week's word is BOMBARDED.)  She develops characters for fun.  She has about ten unfinished novels in the works right now.  Even while she's sleeping, she dreams about conflict resolution and storylines.  She is uniquely gifted, and apparently her teacher recognized that, too.

So, in March of this year, Spell Girl finished a story she had been working on called Cursed in the Labyrinth and submitted it for the contest.  Two months later, in May, we received an email saying that she was a finalist!  Another month later, between Girls Camp and a trip to Utah, she received the email saying that she was one of the handful of kids whose stories were going to be PUBLISHED!  ( an actual BOOK!)  It turns out, not only was she one of the authors in the book, she was also one of the STAR AUTHORS, which meant hers was one of six of the best stories they received.  (I have to agree.)

This weekend we were invited to go to Houston for her official Book Signing at the Houston Public Library.  What an amazing weekend!  There was a red carpet, cake, balloons, gift bags, and a table for all the authors to sign books for their adoring fans.  The Star Authors were also invited to read excerpts from their stories.  It is not often that Spell Girl is in the limelight.  She almost always finds ways to slip out of it so that her more outgoing sisters can have their turn.  It was great to all be together as a family to support Spell Girl in accomplishing something that is so meaningful to her.  We are so proud of her!

 Cursed in the Labyrinth p. 156

 children's author, Melissa Williams
 Spell Girl reading an excerpt from her story

Spell Girl's book is available on Amazon in case you're interested.  :)


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