Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Insurance City

A few weeks ago, we went to lunch with our good friends who happen to own an insurance agency.  We were casually discussing our kids' past and present jobs and I mentioned that TCD was trying to earn money for the truck of her dreams...
 she has lofty goals!  :)

Our friends said that their kids used to work at their office over the holiday breaks from school, but now that they're getting older, that doesn't interest them as much.  So I hinted heavily that if they were looking for someone to help with light office work, TCD was totally available over the Christmas break.  We left that with them and didn't pursue it any further.  And then last week, they emailed and said they would LOVE to have TCD come and work for them.  They gave us details and specific requirements and we worked out an arrangement to get her to and from their office each day.  

She started her new job on Monday morning.  She was nervous and excited and worried about doing a good job.  And of course, after the first 10 minutes, she was perfectly content with the whole situation.  So much that we didn't hear from her at all that day.  And then when we finally did, it was a text saying, "They want me to go to dinner and to see Mission Impossible with them!  Can I go???"  Her work day extended to a family outing with them.  She was so exhausted and happy when she came home from that first day of work. Today they're having a Christmas party at work and the whole family is going to be there again.

She is a hard worker.  And there is much more work than play happening in that office.  But how amazing is it to be able to have your 15 year old's first work experience be in a place where people love her and treat her like part of their own family??  We LOVE these people.  And I cannot think of a better place for TCD to spend 6 hours a day over the Christmas break.  

We haven't told her yet that all of this money she's earning is going to pay for her Driver's Ed class and her permit and license, so she'll have to secure another opportunity if she wants that big monster truck.  :) 

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