Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Houston Aquarium

I started to include this in the Houston post from yesterday, but realized that it just really needed its own space.  I LOVE aquariums and water and fish.  I'm a Pisces.  I'm from the ocean...well, not actually FROM the ocean, but you know what I mean...Hawaii, California...those are my childhood and that's what I gravitate to.  It's innate that I'm drawn to water.  So the fact that i thoroughly enjoyed this part of the trip shouldn't be a surprise.

It's way too hard to pick out the best parts of the Aquarium because I loved them all...

 very cool stingray petting pool...they were surprisingly delicate...like thin, slimy...um...pancakes? no CREPES!  thin, rubbery, slimy crepes!!
 (not an actual tiger)
 (an actual tiger...in the aquarium???)
 no children or tigers were hurt in the taking of these pictures...

I actually DO have a favorite part...the GIFT SHOP...
a wall of stuffed animals...
 and these AWESOME SQUID HATS!!!

AND...guess who was waiting outside the Gift Shop...SANTA!!!
 Look how cute she is talking to Santa like she's 5 years old again...
do you know what she asked for?  A Black Ford F350!!
  And Santa didn't tell me, but I'm pretty sure Mack is asking for some Star Wars Lego thing.

We all had an amazing morning at the Houston Aquarium before touring the rest of downtown Houston and heading over to the library for Spell Girl's thing.  I'm so glad we could incorporate a little water and some fish into our weekend.  Because everything is better with water and fish.  :)

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