Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Cookies

I LOVE cookie starts in October with Halloween cookies and extends all the way to Valentines Day.  The rolling pin and the pile of cookie sheets rarely leave the counter for those four months of the year.  I'm not sure why I don't make sugar cookies all year long.  I could totally do Easter cookies or 4th of July star shaped cookies, but after Valentine's Day, I'm usually ready for all the flour and butter to go away for awhile.  

On Saturday, we had the missionaries scheduled to come over for dinner.  Early that morning, our friends called and asked us to come over for a Gingerbread House party.  So, with both of those things happening, and school schedules officially cancelled, the door was finally open for me to dig out some Christmas tree cookie cutters and get to work!

I turned up the Christmas music and covered the counter in flour and sugar for most of the afternoon.  It was the BEST way to spend the first day of the Christmas break.   I LOVE Christmas cookies...all the antique George cookies, the new favorites we've added...but I LOVE the sugar cookies the very best.   There's something about little shapes covered in royal icing and colorful sprinkles that just makes everybody happy. 



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