Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Online Shopping

I have officially converted to online Christmas shopping.  I've gotten a few things from "brick and mortar" stores this year, but nearly all of my shopping has been done on the internet.  What a total joy!!  I can't believe I didn't do this earlier.  

Everything just takes longer in December.  This morning, I went to a couple of stores to return one thing and to pick up another quick thing.  It was SO frustrating.  And then I realized I was officially in the wrong place because everywhere I looked, there were only MEN shopping.  72 hours before Christmas, the last place I need to be is in a non-grocery store.  None of them looked entirely comfortable shopping for presents. They all looked ridiculously lost, and half of them were on blue tooths talking to their wives or trying to multi-task last minute work responsibilities.  Men are great at lots of things, but I don't think multi-tasking in the mall is on that list.  So, next year, I will be doing my last minute things in NOVEMBER, and staying out of their way.  And the bulk of my shopping will be done in cyber malls.  


  1. Amazon is my best friend!! LOVE it and order from them regularly!

  2. I agree! I did most of Christmas last year on Amazon, so, of course, repeated it this year. Definitely the best way to go!