Thursday, December 15, 2011

Chamber Music

We have been running like crazy this week...class parties, church parties, finals, concerts, recitals, presents, Christmas stuff, as well as all the usual things we do in a week.  It has been total insanity for the last 10 days.  

But tonight, we were forced to sit down and be quiet, which is exactly what I think we all needed.

Spell Girl has been taking private bass lessons at the Bass and Cello Conservatory of Dallas since September and she had her first recital tonight.  There were at least 20 kids there and all of them were bassists or cellists...there was not a single violin in the room.   It was an amazing concert.  I love the deep, rich sound of those larger stringed instruments, and the music tonight was so peaceful and beautiful.

 We couldn't resist taking a picture of the super cool, bedazzled violin

And we thought the line up of cello cases was pretty cool, too!  Some of these kids have some really awesome cases.

We also had the opportunity to hear Jeff Bradetich, the director of the string department at the University of North Texas.  He was truly inspiring.  I'm so glad Spell Girl got to hear him play and talk to him after the concert.  He teaches bass lessons to the more advanced group and directs a Bass Camp at UNT in June, so there is a strong possibility that she will work with him in the future.  

  We bought his beautiful Christmas CD that has already become my new favorite.

I am consistently amazed at the opportunities that surround us in this incredible place.  We are so fortunate to live where we do and to have such talented people who are willing to teach and inspire those around them.  

Sometimes being still is the very thing we need to remind us what is really, music, the Spirit of Christmas.  This was the perfect quiet break in the middle of a very busy season.

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