Thursday, March 31, 2011

Trying New Things

Before I start, I need to give all the credit for this post to my friend, Amie, at Things As They Really Are.  And also the blog where she got the idea...I Dare You To Eat It.
Amie is fun and creative and tries new stuff all the time, so I trust her judgment...even when it's a little out there...   

The original title of this post was going to be "Brownies," but I don't actually LOVE brownies, so I decided on a more appropriate title.  Boxed brownie mixes are a staple in our house, because even though I may not love them, other people in my family do.  They're quick and easy for the girls to whip up on a Sunday afternoon when everyone seems to be more inclined to crave dessert.  

This week, for a combined Young Women's activity at church, TCD and Spell Girl had to make the homemade baked good of their choice for a Dessert Exchange.  Always easy, ever accommodating Spell Girl wanted to just bring chocolate chip cookies.  (Hooray! I could make those in my sleep.  And yes, I know SHE was supposed to make them, but of my four kids, Spell Girl is the least comfortable in the kitchen and the look of distress on her face totally melted my heart so I caved!

TCD, however, wanted something a little more interesting...less typical...I don't know where she gets that?   She's been right with me on this "vegan-ish" lifestyle since January, so when I suggested making something vegan, she was thrilled.  We looked through a few of my cookbooks and then online a little.  And then I remembered Amie's post on BLACK BEAN BROWNIES!  When I showed it to TCD, she was sold...quick, easy, cheap, interesting, AND could we go wrong??  Besides, we already had both of the ingredients in the pantry!

Sounds crazy, huh??  BLACKS BEANS + BROWNIES = DELICIOUS????  (really???)

Here's what you do...
  • Get a BOX of BROWNIE MIX (any kind) and a CAN of BLACK BEANS (Poof! you're halfway finished already.)
  • Open the can of black beans and pour into a strainer to strain out all the liquid.  
  • Spoon the beans back into the can and fill with tap water.  
  • Pour contents of can into blender and puree.
  • Mix with brownie mix and bake according to directions on box.
That's it!!   Super easy...and GUESS WHAT!  They taste GREAT!  I did not have high hopes at first because black bean puree smells the slightest bit like dog food.  But the taste of the black beans (and the smell) are totally covered up by the chocolate.  They're a little more dense than regular brownies...more fudgy than cakey.  And they shrink a little in the pan.  I would use a smaller pan the next time because these came out pretty thin.  But they're super moist!   And pretty darn delicious...even for a non-brownie lover.

So our adventure in vegan-ish dessert-making turned out to be a complete success!  (Thanks, Amie!)


  1. Yay! I am so glad you decided to try them. Surprising huh?! :)

    What did the YW think?!

    What size pan did you use? I used an 11x7 but you could try using an 8x8 or doubling the batch to make them thicker... without the egg they don't like to rise.

  2. I think everyone liked them. She didn't tell anyone what was in them until AFTER they took a bite. The only person who didn't love them was my husband. Not sweet enough. (Really???)
    I used a 13x9 pan which was WAY too big. Next time I'll use an 8x8.
    Thanks again!

  3. Not sweet enough? I thought they were super rich!! Maybe it was the mix I used and the extra chocolate chips I added.

  4. I am going to have to try this. Grace loves brownies. She eats very very few fruits and veggies. So if there is a way to get her to eat something healthy without knowing I am sold. I will try them and let you know what happens.

  5. I'm trying to believe you. I am. But I'm struggling. You guys are way to brave. Cute background!