Saturday, March 5, 2011


It's spring...

Craig is on yet another scout camp out...(with the camera, so supporting pictures for this post will have to be added sometime tomorrow.)

All of the spring catalogs from my favorite stores were waiting for me when I got home from Vegas... naturally, I started thinking about ways I could redecorate/rearrange stuff in the house.  

I LOVE the monochromatic white in the Pottery Barn catalog this season.  But since It's way too early to start decorating for Easter, I just borrowed the white pitcher and flowers idea and combined it with stuff I already had.  I did find some pink cherry blossoms from Pier 1, but I put them in a vase on the floor in the corner instead of on the table...they were too close to the chandelier.  I'll find the white bunnies sometime in April and figure out how to hang some cute eggs from the cherry blossom branches, and then the room will be ready for Easter.

I stacked the rest of the plates on the sideboard with a few pieces from the grandmothers, and just called the whole thing a decorating style...which is such a great idea...I can't believe I haven't done it before!  It's totally practical, because you never know when someone is going to show up unexpectedly for dinner in the dining room AND it also frees up space in the cabinets for MORE DISHES!  :) 

Then since I was on kind of a roll, I decided to do something different with the piano room, too.  There's so much space in there and my desk in our bedroom wasn't really working for me anymore.  (It had started to become one of those places where I just piled things.)  So, I talked Savannah into helping me carry it down the stairs, and then I talked her into helping me move the bookshelves, and then she escaped before I could talk her into anything else.  

I love that the desk now houses a lamp that the room desperately needed.  And who knows? that it's clutter-free, maybe I'll use it more.  It might turn into my new favorite place to be.   I can sit and do something productive while my daughters serenade me with beautiful piano and violin music.  


  1. I know! I'm waiting patiently for the Scoutmaster to return so I can take some. I haven't yet figured out how to download them off my camera.

  2. I love how it looks! Can't wait to hear how you end up using it.