Saturday, March 5, 2011


It's been one of those Total FOOD Saturdays for me.  They don't happen often, thank goodness, but today was definitely one of those days.  I think it's because tomorrow is Fast Sunday.  Something innate in me wants to stock up on food in preparation for the 24 hours of deprivation ahead.  (I've never been good at this day.)

Instead of starting the day with my usual banana, broccoli, berry shake...
BREAKFAST = cereal with chocolate chips in it.  It's granola-y and I had it with Light Vanilla Soy Milk.  
But somehow, when breakfast includes chocolate chips, the whole day is sort of tainted.  

I spent the rest of the day driving kids from store to birthday party to Tae Kwon Do to more stores, then back to the house to pick up one quick thing for a playdate...then to the playdate and then to one more store because someone was out of cupcake scented hand sanitizer...

LUNCH = Wendy's french fries and only the small size (the kids also had Frostys, but I at least had the sense to opt out of that)
SONIC HAPPY HOUR = I came SOOO head spinning giving in and just having a DIET DP with extra ice.  But I didn't.  I had the cherry limeade instead...which I probably shouldn't have had, but did I mention it was one of those days???

DINNER = nachos from Taco Bell (also the small ones)

and if I had ended it there, the day would have been less than stellar, but not a complete and total loss of all control...

POST DINNER = Fire Roasted Artichoke, Crab Wontons, and 1/2 Crab Cake from Cheesecake Factory. (We live WAY too close to that place!!)  And no, I definitely DID NOT eat all of that by myself!

nope, not finished yet...
then the doorbell rang...the Girl Scouts came back with the cookies that I ordered FOREVER ago!!  
(I don't love the part where they make you order them 3 months in advance and then dream about them every day until they arrive.  But the anticipation probably makes them taste better...)

They always go way too quickly, so this year, The Cruise Director talked me into buying 7 boxes!!  (seriously??)  I've already put 3 of them in the freezer so that in mid-July when we're driving to Utah, we can bring a box in the car with us.  And then in September when the kids are all back in school, I can have another Food Chaos Day and eat an entire box all by myself!!  And next February when we're snowed in again we can have them with hot chocolate.  YUM!  Chances are slim that they'll last that long...there are 6 of us and someone is bound to find them before July...but I can hope, right??

DESSERT = one Samoa (yep, just one!)

So now that I've indulged completely, I'm going to enjoy the bliss that was today, and look forward to Monday morning when my regularly scheduled eating resumes...   

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  1. Mmmm, I just got some Samoa's too, haven't cracked them open yet, too busy eating all the Tag-a-Longs : )