Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Breeze

Today I attempted to burn the house down...well, just the kitchen.   And there wasn't actually a FIRE.   I grilled some chicken on the stove and the smoke sort of got out of control.  Just as I was taking the chicken out of the pan, the smoke alarms went off...all over the house.  (ugh!)

Fortunately the door to the garage is directly across from the door to the patio, so I opened both and the cross breeze cleared the smoke in no time.  After the alarms quieted, I left the doors open, though, because the breeze was amazing. 

When we lived in Mendon, we didn't have an air conditioner, so our windows and doors were often open.  Anytime there was fresh air available, we let it in!  Today reminded me how much I love the smell of a spring breeze.  (It's been in the 80s today, so maybe that makes this more of a summer breeze.)  Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed it...



  1. Quit rubbing in your nice weather, would you ? :)Love your cruise director chat and that she loves psych! Smart girl.

  2. In a couple of months your weather will be beautiful and ours will be in the 90s and humid...for the duration of the summer and fall! :)