Monday, March 21, 2011

Sarah's House

I have 17 episodes of this show saved on my DVR right now.

Do you know why??  (Unless this is your first visit to my blog, you should know the answer to this question!)  I'll give you two hints:  

1.  My Mendon House
2.  WIGs

Some people in my house like to tidy up the DVR and purge shows more often than I might like to.  This week, while my husband is out of town, I thought I would try to appease him by reducing our DVR percentage.  (I sensed that the 97% was causing him stress.)  Last night I watched all of the Oprah back episodes that have been taking up some of that DVR space.  And I secretly deleted all the Disney shows that the kids won't have time to watch now that Spring Break is officially over.  (So now the DVR is at 73%.)   I think I've done all that I can do, though.  I have watched 4 episodes of Sarah's House so far today, and I CAN'T bring myself to hit the DELETE button on a single one!!  Every episode has some little design idea that I can't live without.   

Like the one where she dug out the small basement and turned it into a mud room and a laundry room!  

I love that idea!  My renovation project in Mendon has a basement...sort of...
ok it's more of a crawl space that's tall at one end.  But what if I delete this episode and then years from now when I'm ready to turn the farmhouse into The Dream House, I forget that I wanted to do this???  And then what if I forget to ask the contractor if it's possible to make that space into an actual basement with ceilings that accommodate a person of average height (not just my less than average height)?  

And then there was the High/Low Bathroom episode where she added a SKYLIGHT to the upstairs bath!
I LOVE that idea!  But what if I delete this episode and then in 20 years when I'm in the renovation mode, I have no recollection of that skylight???

And there's a WHOLE SEASON of episodes where she actually renovates...guess what!...a 100 year old FARMHOUSE!!  Hers is in Canada, not Utah.  And it lives on 50 acres not 1.25 acres.  But still...  How can I delete something that is the whole reason I had the WIG in the first place???

I can't...

So every time it gives me that option to DELETE or KEEP this recording...
I'm KEEPING them!   Because I LOVE Sarah Richardson and her HOUSE! 

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  1. But they are all online