Sunday, November 21, 2010

Texas High School Football

There really is nothing like Texas High School football...especially when they go to the UIL Championship.  

Nope, we don't have any kids in high school yet (although it's not far off...holy cow!)  
And nope, we don't know a single kid who plays for the team.  But when the Allen Eagles play football, the entire community, for this special event, we decided to support our local team.  Besides, they played in Cowboys Stadium tonight, and the chances that we'll go there to watch the Cowboys are REALLY slim because we kinda hate the Cowboys!  The stadium is unbelievable...seriously, even the parking lot is gorgeous!       

And THEN WE WALKED IN...and it was even more unbelievable!  Where else would a high school kid get to play football in the biggest domed stadium in the WORLD?...with the world's largest high definition video totally extends from one 20 yd line to the other!?...and with 40,000 screaming parents...I mean fans?  Only in TEXAS!

The football part was definitely impressive...
...but you know what converted me to Allen High School football??   

The largest high school marching band in the world with over 700 members...and more importantly a ROCKIN DRUM LINE!!  The poor little pitiful band from the other high school played first and they were very sweet.  And then the Escadrille (that is fancy band language for everyone on the field at halftime...drill team, flag corps, band) surrounded them and flooded onto the field.  They were so enormous that they didn't even FIT on the world's largest HD video screen!  And then they started playing...HOLY COW!  I have always been a secret band groupie, but this may have been the most memorable football halftime experience I've had since college... and I don't even have a kid at this school yet!

(the only other band that can compare is the Longhorn Band at UT!)

...I am right now, at this very moment, adding the Allen High School Band experience to my list of "Stuff I Love" and anxiously awaiting next year's band...oops, I mean, football season.


  1. Thanks for the cool pics today. Glad you had a great day. You suck for being in such nice weather. It was awful here all day. I will trade you any day! Mike wants to move down there now!

  2. Come on down, baby!! It's awesome here. The weather is great (until July). And thanks for reading my blog...that makes me totally happy. :)

  3. Go drum line!!!
    Can I get a woot woot!?!