Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Quiet Weekday Mornings...

I love my children and my husband...they are the most important people in my life....but there is nothing like having the entire house to myself for the entire day!  In the past, I have always had a child at home, or a job during the day, or school volunteer responsibilities which have kept me from enjoying the quiet solitude that happens during the week.  Circumstances now have allowed me to stay home and make my family my sole responsibility.  Fortunately for me, that responsibility includes about 6 hours during the day that I can use at my discretion.  I have tried to carefully choose what to fill that time with.  Some days I'm amazingly productive and get more done than it seems humanly possible.  Other days, I run errands all day and never see the inside of the house until 3pm when the first kiddos arrive home.  But other days, like today, I clear my calendar of all productive things and spend time immensely enjoying the pleasure of my own company.  This morning, I walked with a friend, tried a new orange flavored Green Tea, played the piano, wrote in my journal, read my scriptures, sent a few letters (not bills! actual letters to people I love) and listened to music (specifically, Homeward Bound by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir...about 8 times!)  

It has been a totally relaxing, rejuvenating morning and I look forward to carving more of these out of the busy weeks ahead.  



  1. Okay, let's see if this works!! I love, love your blogs!! Glad you had a great short holiday!! Please stay in touch!! I really miss you on FB!! :)

  2. I'm so glad you love the blog...that makes all my crazy writing worth it! I miss you on FB too!!