Monday, November 22, 2010


We're heading out on a road trip this week and that equals MUSIC!   Here's my husband's early birthday present (he's turning 40!!) that we're all going to thoroughly enjoy while we're driving.  
Remember those days when you would collect all the CDs in the house that you might want to listen to on a road trip?  And then they'd have to be taken out of the cases and put into those cute little CD holder thingys.  And then you could only listen to one artist at a time....or maybe 5 if you were lucky enough to have a CD changer in the car...which we don't. 

But thanks to the miracle of technology (and the speed of Amazon shipping), we can take every CD we have ever owned with us on this trip, and they all fit in the palm of my hand.
This thing is truly's a Sansa Fuze, by the way...and it has more room on it than all of our other devices combined!  So instead of packing, we've spent the day making playlists for everyone and everything!  Because really, who needs clothes when there's music?
There's a playlist for HIM...John Denver, Brad Paisley and Michael Buble'.  (which would put me to sleep if I were listening to that and driving...but I won't be)
There's a playlist for ME (nice, huh?  even though it's HIS birthday present, I still get a playlist!) which looks and sounds a whole lot like the one on this blog.  I have peppy stuff like The Dixie Chicks, MCC (that's Mary Chapin Carpenter), Maroon 5 and Nickelback...excellent driving music!
Each of the kids has a playlist in case we're feeling generous and let them listen to THEIR music.  
There's also a CHRISTMAS playlist because my very sweet husband knows that I will want to listen to my stuff on the way TO our destination, but on the way BACK from the trip it will officially be POST-THANKSGIVING and I will want to listen to Christmas music (and not a day earlier!)
He also made a CHURCH playlist for Sundays, a DINNER playlist, dinner.  And after all of that, we still have tons of room on the thing.  

 ...and as a music junkie that makes me blissfully happy.


  1. Love the new look on the blog! One of the funnest parts of a trip is getting the music ready, for sure! Where are you headed? Have fun!

  2. We're in Hilton Head, SC with Craig's parents! It's gorgeous here. Had a giant Thanksgiving extravaganza buffet this afternoon and then walked on the beach with the kids. Hope you're having a great Turkey Day!!