Monday, November 15, 2010

Stuff I LOVE that I really shouldn't LOVE...

I seriously LOVE Diet Dr. Pepper.  In fact, it's almost more of an obsession than just a generic "love".  I didn't even know Diet Dr. Pepper existed a year ago, but when I discovered it, I was instantly hooked!  It's like drinking dessert.  It's like this yummy "deliciousness in a can (or 20 oz bottle, or cup with extra ice)" that at times I have craved more than food.  I'm pretty sure I could live on it if I had to.  Scary, huh?  
About a month ago, I realized that my obsession with this specific "non food" was starting to control my life.   Everyday at 3:00pm I would start to pace around like a caged animal until I could stop at Sonic (during Happy Hour, of course) and get my "fix".  I don't really like that out of control feeling.  I like to think that I'm strong, determined, in control of my thoughts and actions.  But with a couple of things in my life, I've come to realize that I'm very definitely NOT in control.  So I made the drastic and heartbreaking decision to give up my drug of choice.  I've slipped a couple of times (because really, who can just quit a thing "cold turkey" and not expect to fall off the wagon?), but for the better part of a month, I've been Diet Dr. Pepper free.  
But I still totally miss today, I thought I'd dedicate a tribute post to Diet Dr. Pepper which falls into that category of Stuff I LOVE but can't overindulge in. (insert moment of silence here...)


  1. Your willpower is stronger than mine! I gave up buying Diet Coke to store AT HOME - that is, no more 12 packs, 2 liter bottles, etc. However, I still buy is from Maverik, fast-food places, etc. Not every day, but close to it.

    I'm impressed with your fortitude in the face of bubbly goodness!

  2. Good for you!! You have inspired me to update my blog :)

  3. I gave up my beloved diet pepsi the middle of august....that was so hard for me. There are days when I swear I have to have one and then I remember how far I have come. Just typing about it makes me want one.....But I am healthier for it!