Sunday, November 28, 2010

Coming Home

When we lived in Utah, I always enjoyed driving back into Cache Valley after a long trip.  
Really, who wouldn't want to drive home to this...after any trip?  After one especially long and exhausting trip to Houston, I remember being completely overwhelmed emotionally and so ready to be home, that the sight of the Valley brought me to tears.  I loved that Valley and I loved the peace and calm and gratitude I felt every time we made it back home safely. 

Our trip to the beach this week was great, incredible, fantastic, but after almost a week away and two straight days of being in the car with four kids, we were all ready to be back home...ready to be sitting anywhere but in the van...ready to eat real food instead of eating out every day...ready to be in our OWN BEDS!!   I didn't have that same emotionally exhausted feeling that I had coming home from Houston, and I didn't cry when we drove into Dallas.  But that same peaceful, calm, grateful feeling washed over me as we approached I-75 and saw this...
Home is home...Dallas, Cache Valley,'s still the best part of the trip when you realize you're finally home.  


  1. Surprise! Reading your blog has really made me wish you guys would have NEVER left Washington! It's been fun to read your musings, thoughts, and experiences! Aren't blogs wonderful! Now I know why you haven't been on FB lately?? :) I need to get going on my blog again. I have neglected it and need to be better about keeping it updated!! I will become a regular reader of yours.

  2. Thanks so much, Kalleen! We definitely miss Seattle too. Glad you like the blog. It's fun to have a place to download all the useless stuff in my head. It's a bigger space than FB, too. There was never enough room for me to write everything in those little status update blocks. :)