Friday, November 19, 2010

Going Vegan...Saving Sea Turtles...and Discovering New Stuff I Love

I recently read an excerpt from a book that was quite intriguing.  The author called diet drinks "liquid Satan" (which supports my decision to sacrifice my Diet DP habit).  After I read that quote, I searched for everything I could find on the internet from this book, and every review of it...and then finally gave in and just bought the darn thing.  I'm only halfway through it, but it's highly eye-opening and I'm just about ready to make some drastic changes in the way I eat.  Those of you who have been organics, vegans, or health nuts for awhile are probably thinking "It's about time, Haunani."  And those others of you, who know me better than I know myself are probably thinking..."here we go again...the latest, crazy thing she's trying."   Well, you're all probably right...a little bit...
But here's the fun thing...I took a field trip to our newly opened, GORGEOUS, WHOLE FOODS store just to compare prices and touch stuff and taste stuff....and guess what!  It's the coolest place EVER!  Seriously, it's like the Disneyland of grocery stores!  A cute little, white haired lady was handing out Brussels sprouts samples...and they were actually good.  (I don't know that I've ever eaten a Brussels sprout before.)  And there were GF cookies (GF = "gluten free" in Disney..., I mean, HealthyLand)...also yummy!  

And I MADE peanut butter!  Just in case you missed that...I MADE PEANUT BUTTER...did you KNOW you could do that?? They have the coolest machine filled with whatever kind of nut you can imagine, and you just press a button and POOF! it comes out as PEANUT BUTTER...or ALMOND BUTTER...or CASHEW BUTTER...or my choice of the day...CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER (made from actual peanuts and actual chocolate chips!)  
I feel like a total dork that I didn't know this place was so cool, but we didn't have WHOLE FOODS in Cache Valley, UT.  
I may or may not be converted to Tofurkey, and eggless mayo, and all the other stuff, but I can say with a clear, "no harming of sea turtles" conscience, that I happily carried my reusable grocery bags into Whole Foods, and promptly became their newest convert.   I plan to spend much more time there in the future.  Really...I'm counting the days until I get to go back!


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  1. JEALOUS! I so miss Whole Foods (which I had in the Bay Area and LA, but obviously not here in you-know-where).

    "Liquid Satan" is a GREAT name! It's so true. Sigh, Sad face. What it the title of the book? I am way interested in checking it out.