Saturday, November 1, 2014

Murder Mystery Birthday Party

Way, way back a few months ago, Megan decided she wanted to have a Murder Mystery themed birthday party with 18 of her closest friends.  Unfortunately my skills in the murder area aren't strong, so I agreed to it as long as she came up with everything.  Which she happily did.

She made the invitations herself.  Each person got a personally selected "weapon" which they had to bring to the party with them.  One person was pre-selected as "the murderer" and another was selected as "the victim."  

Emma and our cute neighbor/adopted daughter helped her label all the rooms in our house...

Promptly at 7:00 the doorbell started ringing, and kid after kid came walking into my house.  (This is the part where I mostly hid out in my bedroom.)  

There were a couple of blood curdling screams, a lot of laughing, and some teams of investigators hunting for clue in every part of my house.  Three people were "murdered" by one person whose pre-selected weapon was an Ebola-carrying fruit bat.  (ugh...intelligent humor can sometimes border on the inappropriate.)  Accusations were made, the murderer was revealed, forced to confess and then hauled off to "murder mystery jail" by that Red Morph armed guard down there in my dining room.  (I wondered how he was going to work himself into this party.)   

After all the murdering, the kids watched Clue...isn't it crazy how timeless that silly movie is? 

What a cute and diverse group of kids Megan is friends with.  I love all of them and I'm so glad her party was a success.  

Oh!  I forgot my one contribution to the party...the FOOD!  I don't usually do gross, but they turned out pretty cute for murder cupcakes, don't you think?  

The party is actually still happening down there at 10:43, and I'm about to start herding them toward the door because I can barely keep my eyes open...

In other news...Savannah had her own party to go to tonight.  It was a Harry Potter themed party, and she decided her after-work pool hair really lent itself to a particular character...
...she's Bellatrix LaStrange for those of you who aren't big HP fans.  

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  1. That's a great party theme and got a good chuckle out of the Ebola set up. How appropriate for our area, right?!

    I find so much joy in seeing my kids' groups of friends. Love them all to pieces. Just like you mentioned. And it goes so quickly!