Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mothering Baby Birds

I'm not a fan of transitions.  I'm extremely resistant to change.  If given the choice, my preference would always be to get used to things looking and feeling a certain way, and then to just count on them staying that way forever.  We're going through some pretty giant transitions around here lately.  
There's a strange dichotomy in having an 18 year old child who currently lives in the nest, but is on the verge of taking flight.  Some days, I feel like I'm going to just fall apart when she leaves, and I can't imagine how I will ever get through a single day with part of my heart wandering around Utah without me.  And other days, like some of the recent ones, I'm tempted to move along the whole packing process and push her right out of this comfortable little nest.

Here are some of the things that have been heard around our house lately...
"Here's a list of all the things I'd like to do before I leave Texas forever.  I know that some of them are a little bit costly, so I thought that since the other children will still be here for a few more years, we could just leave them at home and not have to pay for their admission."  
The Allen HS football team is once again in the State Championship playoffs against a team that we always love to watch, and we are playing at Cowboy Stadium this weekend, which is always such a fun experience...especially when it doesn't have to involve any Cowboys...
"I've decided I can't go to the football game on Saturday because I really need all the hours I can get at work in the last few weeks before I leave for BYU." 
"I'm just going to leave all of my stuff in my room the way it is and you can just close the door and it will be like a little place where you can think about me when I'm not here."
"Mommy, I think we should plan a time to go through your closet so we can see what's mine and what I'm taking with me to college."
and this one I heard via Megan who was in this YW class with Savannah...
"One of the things I've learned is that when I listen to my mom's advice, I'm happier, and when I don't, I regret it.  My parents have actually done all the stuff I'm doing now.  And they know a lot."
and this one is my favorite...
"Don't worry, I know that my life of luxury is coming to an end.  I'm going to be living on Ramen noodles for the next four years."
None of us is really sure what this whole new life is going to look like for Savannah at BYU or for the rest of us at home.  She vacillates regularly between a practical, confident 18 year old, and a slightly selfish, insecure toddler.  

I am amazed on a daily basis, that after 18 years of this parenting thing, every transition is still a completely new and humbling experience.  How grateful I am to have the opportunity to sit in this front row seat and watch these little birds learn to use their wings.  I'll let you know how the actual "taking flight" part goes in January when I'm returning home with one less little bird.    

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  1. Oh my friend...
    This is beautiful.
    You are so wise and loving.
    I feel the same. And know the tug on your heart.
    I ache when I think of my girl not bring here, but like you, I realize she is ready to fly.
    We will do this together.
    You go first. : )