Sunday, November 23, 2014

Dorm Room Miracles

A few months ago, Savannah met a girl from Plano at a YW activity.  They exchanged phone numbers and have texted a few times since the activity.  Recently, that girl found out that Savannah was headed to BYU in January and texted to tell her that she had also been accepted for the winter term.  She invited Savannah to come over before class and housing registration because her mom was sort of an expert at that, so around the first of November they arranged a time to have a crash course in BYU class selection.  It was immensely helpful and had Savannah not gone over that night, she would have had a hard time getting the schedule she wanted and needed.  

We've all been extremely grateful to both the friend and the mom who were willing to call and offer help that night.  

Just as the stress over registration started to die down and we started to feel like things were coming together, we realized that Savannah still had no place to live.  Housing registration at BYU occurs in a very small window and there is limited dorm availability for winter because so many of the fall students keep their housing.  

Emotions were high last week for various reasons, and that one little BYU variable certainly wasn't helping it at all.  Then on Friday afternoon, Savannah got a text from that same awesome mom who had helped her before.  She just happened to be looking on Craigslist - Provo for housing for her own daughter, and saw another room that would fit Savannah's needs.  We really wanted the new Heritage Halls with 6 girls/suite and a little kitchen.  And that's exactly where this available spot was located.  The girl who currently lives there is moving out and living at home next term so that she can save money for a mission.  Within an hour, phone numbers had been exchanged, a housing contract was transferred into Savannah's name, and she was FB and IG friends with her new roommate.  

Wait...there's more...

As miraculous as all of that was, and believe me, there were plenty of tears of gratitude being shed here on Friday evening, there were more little miracles that we hadn't planned on.  

Savannah's new roommate's name is Mallory.  She is a cute girl from Idaho who graduated HS last June and is currently a fitness/health major.  She loves adventures, and football games, sings and plays the guitar, and is obsessed with shoes and Psych.  She's the oldest of four with two younger sisters and a younger brother.  She didn't have any really close friends in HS so she came to BYU hopeful to find the BFF of her dreams.  Unfortunately she hasn't really become very close to any of her suite-mates because they're all from the Provo area and have friends and family close by.  She's never had a boyfriend.  Her goal for next year is to go to the temple once a week, she's thinking about serving a mission, and she'd she'd really like to visit every single temple in the whole world.  Sound like anyone you know?  The similarities are startling.  

Mallory and Savannah have been texting nonstop all weekend.  

It's one thing to be excited about a new start and a new school and a new chapter in your life.  But it's a whole other kind of excitement to start all that new stuff with a brand new friend.  

I am amazed all the time at the way Heavenly Father is able to weave together so many needs into one answer.  It looked like just a dorm room for Savannah, but it has turned out to also be an answer to a prayer for a girl who is trying to save money for a mission.  And a potential friendship for two girls who have been looking for a  best friend for a really long time.  

How grateful I am that Heavenly Father has a plan.  That He knows exactly what we need and how to bring us to it at exactly the right time.  And that He is so much in the details of our lives.  Even when we're not thinking about a thing, He is busy working to bring it together for us.  Even when it looks like it's impossible, He is making it possible.   How grateful I am to have a Heavenly Father who loves us so much, and that Savannah has been able to witness that love in such a deeply personal and meaningful way.  With one phone call from someone we didn't even know 6 months ago, her fears have been calmed, and she can see that this thing she has hoped for for so long wasn't so wildly improbable after all.  It was the plan.

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