Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

I love Halloween!  Have I already said that more than you'd like to read it?  Sometimes my enthusiasm for this holiday becomes a little too much for the people in my home, too.  

I had leftover candy eyeballs from some Scout activity, and it turns out that Halloween is the perfect time to use those kinds of leftovers.  It's the one day that you can get away with adding eyeballs to just about anything and people love it!
I got more than one text from some happily surprised kiddos after lunch.  :)

It was slight chaos for a few hours after school.  Emma brought home two friends who were going to the football game with her.  McKay had a friend over for pre-trick-or-treat planning.  Our cute little neighbor who has recently adopted us (or we've adopted her, we're not sure which) came over.  We had pumpkins to carve (I know...last minute) and dinner to make and then eat.  And a couple of sister missionaries needed to drop by for some costume help.  

Megan helped with dinner...Mummy Dogs and Chili.  Traditional Halloween dinner for us every year.  No matter what.

Emma and her friends carved pumpkins with the little boys...
They carefully saved every single pumpkin seed because that's another tradition...roasted pumpkin seeds!  Unfortunately I put them in the oven on Sunday morning and then forgot them in there while we went to church.  (Four hours at 350 is way too long to cook pumpkin seeds...oops!)

The pumpkins turned out pretty cute considering they were slightly rushed.  

After a super fast dinner, McKay and one friend planned their trick-or-treating strategy on the front step while they waited for the third friend to come home from another Halloween party.  And that all planning went great except for the tiny meltdown that one little banana had about his hat not staying up straight.  
...but he got over that pretty quickly.  Friends came by.  The third friend came home.  And they were off on their quest for candy.

Here's a picture of Round 1...they stopped at our house for a quick drink and to unload their heavy bags of candy.  

Meanwhile, these two girls were having a great time at the football game even though it was really cold.  At least it was finally the perfect weather for a letter jacket.  

After trick-or-treating, three little boys traded candy for about 45 minutes, then fell asleep on my couch watching Shrek's Halloween special, until all the football fans came home.  It was a pretty great night for them.  And for all of us, really.  

...because I really love Halloween!  :)

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  1. Share your love, my friend...
    And your Halloween looks amazing!!!!!