Friday, November 21, 2014

Recap of the Week via iPhone

Since there was a big playoff football game last Saturday night, and since my Sunday School class is notoriously unresponsive on the Sunday after a late night game, I opted to toss out the suggested curriculum and have a pre-Thanksgiving mini-feast complete with "turkeys!"  I think they were happily surprised.  

McKay had his first band concert.  He's loving this trumpet thing, and his band director thinks he's so awesome that he let him warm up the entire band!  

We (and yes, I did say "we" because this was very much a collaborative effort) finished our last EVER 6th grade castle project.  After two previous 6th grade castles, I was happy to see this one delivered to the school on Monday morning.  McKay earned 95/100 for our effort...5 points were deducted because we used real food (note the sugar cone turrets,) which was against the rules.  I'm happy with a 95%.

It snowed on Sunday night.  We crossed our fingers that school and seminary would be cancelled on Monday morning, but as you can see, that tiny little...what's that word? skiff...wasn't enough to keep busses from running.     
Four days later, our cold front has passed and we are back up to balmy Dallas weather.
(I don't know if you've noticed, but I am mildly obsessed with the weather.)

Savannah and I have acquired a countdown app on our phones.  The fact that a cute little duck is counting us down to the inevitable makes it no less painful.  

Megan has taken up photography recently, and I kind of love it!  It's nice to have a companion who sees something entirely different than I do.  
Notice any resemblance?
Here's a sample of her gorgeous work...I predict there will be more of her pictures sprinkled around on this blog in the future.  

Savannah has a Dallas Bucket List, which I'm sure I'll write in great detail about next week after we complete a good chunk of it, but one of the things on that list was Sprinkles Bakery, so we ventured down to Dallas yesterday after school and had cupcakes for lunch.
from the Cupcake ATM!   Whoever thought of that idea was a genius!

And today is the last day of school for a whole week!  Hallelujah.  Thanksgiving break always comes just when we all need it the most.  

Happy Friday!    


  1. Love this one, my friend!
    And if my kids every need to do any projects, I'm sending them down to you!
    And a whole week off?!?

  2. I love the little "turkeys" what Sunday School class wouldn't think they were great! Congrats to your daughter on her upcoming graduation. BYU is an awesome university - my second daughter is a Y grad. You and your family have a very Happy Thanksgiving!