Saturday, November 29, 2014

Anchors and Wings

A few weeks ago, we had a conversation in our house about anchors and wings.  I told the kids that I am drawn to people who are anchors.  You know, the kinds of people who are steady, consistent, and reliable, who are always where I can count on them to be?  I need that influence in my life because I don't have much of it on my own.  They easily identified their dad as the anchor, and me as the wings in our relationship.  

I fly around haphazardly, loving the view but not always keeping sight of the shore.  Craig, on the other hand, stays firmly planted on the ground, carefully and deliberately moving toward his life goals.  Every day is a brand new possibility for me, filled with brand new decisions that I may have already made yesterday, but will probably make over again anyway.  For Craig, every day has an expectation, a purpose and a plan.  I jump around when I'm excited.  He stands still.  I cry when I'm sad, lonely, embarrassed, frustrated, tired, angry, or joyful.  I yell and occasionally destroy things when I'm angry.  He is calm and rational in every situation.  He carefully considers his words.  He is not quick to anger.  His feathers rarely ruffle.  

For all of my moody, unpredictable flying around, Craig remains solidly anchored in place.  

I love that he has expectations and a plan.  I love that he is consistently faithful in his callings, both in church and in our home.  I love that he is where he says he's going to be, without fail.  I love that he is the same in public as he is in the privacy of our home.  I love that he teaches our kids to be all those things, and that he has taught me a greater appreciation for anchors in my life.  

Hopefully, my constant quest for the steady and reliable in my life has helped a little of Craig's solidly and happily anchored personality seep into my own.  And hopefully, a tiny little bit of my reckless abandon has made him delight in the occasional opportunity to take flight.  

We're a pretty good match, I think.  

I'm grateful for the opportunity to freely gush today over this amazing man on his 44th birthday.  


  1. Happy Birthday to your man, my friend!!!
    What are blessing you are to each other.
    Same with me and Steve...
    He is my rock. The steady one. The logical one.
    I am the worrier...the anxious one.
    Together, we work. : )
    Have a great weekend! : )

  2. Happy birthday to him! What an amazing family photo as well. You have such a beautiful family!