Friday, November 7, 2014

Finally Fall

Fall in Dallas is apparently an elusive thing.  I'm not sure if it's here and I'm missing it, or if I just haven't wanted to find it so intensely in the four previous Octobers that we've lived here.  I've been hunting for weeks for some evidence of leaves changing, and I've found nothing.  Everything I've seen here is either some shade of green or some shade of brown, which is beautiful in it's own way, but I really wanted some red and orange.  

Craig suggested that maybe the problem is that my fall hunts all take place within about a 50 mile radius of Dallas.  I needed to wander farther.  So on Thursday morning, we hurried all the kids out the door and headed toward Oklahoma!  

It took two hours, three bathroom stops, and a brief stop to admire an unexpected Eiffel Tower in Paris, TX, before we found it... Texas, or Oklahoma, I'm not sure which; we were somewhere close to the border.  I screamed.  Craig pulled over.  I grabbed my camera.  And these were my first shots of fall for the season!  It took until November to find it, but isn't it just shockingly beautiful??  Oh, I just love straight lines of trees in a long row...that are changing from spring green to spectacular orange and red.  

6 hours later, I was fully satisfied with the amount of fall we had taken in for the day, so we turned around and drove back home.  What a perfect way to spend a sunny Thursday in November.  

I'm grateful for the glorious colors in nature, for an unscheduled, spontaneous day, and for a thoughtful husband who takes conference calls from the car so that I can restock my iPhoto files.  

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  1. I miss seeing color in the fall as well. I grew up in a town along the Illinois River (about 100 miles southwest of Chicago). The brilliance of color was just magical! On the flip side, it IS nice green trees in the winter time, unlike my hometown where everything is dead and dreary looking. Glad you found your red!