Monday, October 13, 2014

Columbus Day

It's such a nice thing to have a long weekend in the middle of October.  I opted for sleeping in and skipping Institute, which I may regret in the eternal scheme of things, but at 8:30 this morning it was a great decision.  

Savannah and a friend went to see this amazing movie...
Craig and I took the kids to see it Saturday morning and it was fantastic.  Really.  You should go see it.  You'll love it, too.

Megan and Emma went to the mall.

McKay's small flock of friends from the neighborhood knocked on the door at noon and asked him to go fishing.  Yep.  Fishing.  And yep, they're mostly girls.  Apparently some grub worms were unearthed after the torrential downpour last night, so the girls decided it would be a great idea to go fishing at the local pond.  Seven kids, one fishing pole, a handful of unsuspecting grub worms, and a day off of school...what else would you do with that perfect combination?    

Since the kids were all occupied with their own activities, Craig and I drove down to the Arts District downtown, and had a quick lunch before he left for Birmingham.  
I'm sure sushi from a food truck is perfectly safe, but we decided the Texas burrito truck sounded so much better.  
What an absolutely perfect way to breathe a little life into an overcast day and a partly cloudy mood.

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  1. I opted for a long run instead of Institute...because I slept in...the sound of the rain and the warm covers were awesome. There is always next week:)