Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Day in the Life

Everyone on IG did this Day in the Life thing last week and I thought it was such a great idea.  I hated to bog down everyone's IG with a post every hour, though, so I just decided to post my life here...which is where the majority of my life lives anyway, and I know you won't mind as much as those IG friends might have. 

The Alarms:  I know this looks like freakish overkill, but there's a purpose for my madness.  The 5:30 alarm just stirs me out of my sleep enough to listen for the pitter patter of big feet upstairs.  The 5:36 alarm goes off to remind me to start texting people up there if I haven't yet heard any feet.  The 5:43 alarm is to remind me to actually get out of bed.  And the 5:50 alarm is when people should be coming down the stairs to leave for Seminary.  From the time they leave until 6:30, I read scriptures, make breakfast and lunches, and then make lists for the day.  Sometimes I get distracted with things like blogs and IG, though, so the 6:30 alarm reminds me to finish breakfast, if it's not already done, and unlock the front door for the Seminary girls.  

7:00:  Scriptures and breakfast.  

7:30:  McKay and Emma leave for school, and my senior girl and I sit on the front step and watch everyone walk to the bus and/or school together.  And sometimes we talk about life out there in the mornings.  

7:55:  Savannah and Megan drive to the high school.  

8:30:  Morning walk with friends.  I think this might be the thing I look forward to most in the week now that the Temple is closed for a month.  I love Wednesday mornings and catching up with my friends.  The other days of the week I walk by myself which is great, too, but sometimes no amount of conference talks or music blasting in my ears can make up for an uplifting, in-person conversation.  

Mid morning:  This is my perch for the majority of the morning.  Sometimes I shower and get ready for the day and then come up here.  Sometimes I just come straight up here and procrastinate the shower as long as possible.  I update my blog, edit pictures, check emails, plan grocery lists or menus, do family history, write notes to people, work on DMCO music, and plan Sunday School lessons.   

Lunch:  Since Savannah gets out of school everyday at 12:30, she and I have a standing lunch date on Wednesdays.  Today we went to Pei Wei.  Love that place!  This is the Thai Sesame Shrimp.  It's spicy and noodle-y and my favorite thing to eat there.

2:30:  Savannah and I pick up Megan from the high school.  Almost always we get here early enough to sit and talk for awhile before the bell rings and Megan comes out with the rest of the herd.  

Target:  Groceries and errands happened here today after school because we were looking for specific things for Megan's birthday party...more on that after we get through it this weekend...for now, think 18 teenagers, food, clues, and a murder mystery (Megan made sure to include a little disclaimer in her invitations that NO actual murders will be committed...phew!)  

Happy Surprises:  This little happy patch of tiny flowers was waiting outside my car this afternoon when we got home from running errands.  

After School:  Homework.  Only my awesome neighbor could get these boys to do their homework together.  All they do when they're at my house is play.  :)

6:00:  Baseball practice.  On Wednesdays, I drive McKay to practice across town, and when Craig travels, I drive back home to have dinner with the girls, drive them to their YW activity and then drive back to the practice field to pick up McKay.  Craig is home this week, so the boys ate dinner early and I didn't have to do all the in-between driving.  Hallelujah!

7:00:  YM/YW activity.  Tonight, these cute Mia Maids wore their jammies to a Book Club activity at someone's home.  Savannah and Megan (who are BOTH Laurels now...eek!) talked to a lovely sister in our ward who just came home from the Billings, Montana mission.  

9:00  Girls home.  Homework finished (mostly.)  Family prayer.  Bedtime (for the kids.)  This whole process usually stretches to 9:30 or 9:45 if you include all the chatting the kids want to do about their days.  Why do they not want to chat at 3:45?  or 6:45?  

10:00 or whenever they finally go upstairs:  Hulu or Netflix or something on Craig's iPad until I can't keep my eyes open anymore.

10:30 Asleep.  (ok, sometimes it's closer to 11:00...)

That's it...Mostly mundane and ordinary, but happy.  Occasionally sprinkled with some kind of drama.  Never as predictable as I would like.  But at the end of most days, I'm gratefully content with the way my days look and the way our little family lives.  


  1. I loved sharing your day with you, my friend!
    It is full of love, faith, family, and friends.
    You inspire me.
    Ok, maybe not the walking part... ; )

  2. This was such a fun post! You are a busy mom. Been there, done that. Now, with my youngest out on his mission, the house is empty except for hubby and I ~ kind of nice sometimes, but I do miss the noise and chaos of having a full house. Have a happy November!