Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Have I even told this entire story here?  I can't recall.  

Last year, around this time, Savannah was considering her options for life after graduation.   At the time cosmetology school sounded pretty appealing.  She has strong talents in that area, for sure, and she thought it would be a good part time income opportunity for someone whose aspirations mostly included being a mom and a wife.  We spent all of last fall touring cosmetology schools in the area, and they were all great and she was excited about a few of them.  

And then...she took the ACT.  (and here is the craziest part of this story.)  She took the test under duress and only because we insisted that she keep her options open.  She didn't study.  She worked late the night before.  And she didn't really care whether she did well or not.  And then in December, her scores were emailed to her.  And they were surprisingly great.  We weren't at all surprised, but Savannah was.  Shocked is a more appropriate word probably.  

And over the rest of Christmas break, the wheels in her little head started turning.  All of a sudden she was saying things like, "Well, what if I just applied to a few colleges?" and "What's the average ACT score for acceptance into BYU?"  and "Do you think I could even get in?" and "What would I even major in?"

And just like little number on one little test changed the entire direction of her life.  

She talked to several people last spring, including a counselor at school, and realized that she had enough credit hours to graduate a semester early if she took two online classes through Texas Tech.  So, during our month long vacation in Utah, between tours of both BYU (Provo) and BYU (Idaho) she completed those two classes.  When we got home, she interviewed with our bishop, gathered all the necessary recommendations, wrote three essays, and ordered her transcripts.  And then on September 15th, she hit SEND and applied to all three BYU campuses (the third campus is in Hawaii.)

Last week she got this from BYU-I

And last night she got this from BYU
She still has one more campus to hear from before she feels like she can make an adequate decision, but hooray for this determined, hard working girl to have accomplished such a monumental goal.  I'm so immensely proud of her.  And it looks like I'll be flying with her somewhere west of here right after Christmas so she can start school on January 5th.  That's in 10 weeks!!  Holy cow...

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