Friday, October 17, 2014

The Color Code

On Wednesday night, the girls took this personality test for a combined YW activity.  They invited a professional therapist from the area to help explain the test and the implications of the results.  When they came home, we all stayed up late analyzing each other's personalities.  (because that's what happens when Craig is out of town...)

Emma: (she was exactly 50/50)

Craig: (also 50/50)

Craig and I had taken this Color Code test years ago before we had children, so i already knew what our colors were, but the girls gave me the test again anyway just so we could be sure.  Yup...still almost 100% BLUE.   It was interesting and SO revealing to see what our kids are, though.  It really explains so much of the dynamics in our home.  All these POWER people, with two little agreeable WHITE peacemakers, and one lone BLUE.  I think it's odd that there's not much BLUE in any of the rest of my family.  No wonder I feel so much pressure to connect all these people.  

We totally had fun dissecting each other's personalities, and even though none of us is exactly like the color selected for us by the test (well, except for me...I am completely and unapologetically BLUE) it did give us a little insight and hopefully some greater understanding about how all of our heads and hearts work.  

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