Saturday, October 11, 2014


In addition to hunting for barns across Utah and Texas, I have also acquired a great love of old, abandoned homes.  Craig and I saw this one last weekend while we were in Morgan, UT.  Isn't it amazing?  Wouldn't you just love to know the people who lived in it?  And built it?  And worked the farm that it sits on?  And wouldn't you just love to see what it looked like 50 years ago?
We drove down the main road and almost missed it because nature has just about overtaken it.  But I caught a glimpse of something in the rearview mirror and screamed for Craig to stop and go back.  yep, I actually did scream  And then I couldn't just sit in the car and take a quick picture; I had to get out and wander all around the entire property while Craig patiently waited for me to take ten million pictures.  

I'm sure this house was absolutely spectacular in its prime.  And I was really, really tempted walk into what used to be the front door and just look inside.  There was an opening in the front gate, too, so I could have.  But there was SO much overgrowth and the bushes were so full of animal life that I didn't dare disrupt anything by walking in.  And, honestly, it was hard to tell if all the shufflings coming from those bushes were human feet or just really big squirrels.  Unfortunately, I couldn't talk Craig into trespassing with me, especially with Conference blaring on our radio, so I had to be content with just exterior pictures this time.  

I can't even explain my love for this new hobby I've taken on since the summer.  What on earth was I looking at all those 45 years before now?  It's shocking really to think of the things I must have missed.  What a huge blessing, though, to be able to have the time, the inclination and the equipment these days to wander around America and find treasures like this.  

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