Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Best Day Ever

Isn't it funny how one person's not-so-great day is another person's Best. Day. Ever??

I drove Craig and Savannah to the airport today to go to his niece's wedding on Thursday.  A few months ago when we were being practical and dividing up our time and vacation budget, it seemed like a great idea to let them go to Utah without the rest of us.  

Today, not so much.  

But...Savannah is thrilled about the trip.  She was so excited to pack her entire bathroom into her ridiculously huge make up case.  She was excited to fly on a plane.  And she is SO excited to be a bridesmaid in her cousin's wedding.  

I dropped them off at the airport and after excessive hugging let them go inside.

Two minutes later I got this text...

She told Craig that this was officially the Best. Day. Ever...and she hadn't even left Dallas.  

I'm so happy that Savannah and Craig are going on a little adventure together.  They almost never do that.  I'm grateful for frequent flyer miles.  And I'm grateful that Mack Brown made Savannah's day.  

I will try to pull myself together tonight and not miss them, not long for my Utah family, not wish that we hadn't been so dang practical in May, and just wait patiently for the report about their trip.  

Wish me luck... 


  1. That is so cool! Hope they have a wonderful trip!

  2. Oh How exciting for her...for mom...not so much! I think you are like me. You like to have all your little chicks home with you, right? : )

    Here's hoping they have a blast and the time flies for you until they return! : )

    1. Yes, that's exactly how I am! I even CALL them my little chickens all the time. It's so unsettling when they're away...especially at night...even when they're working. I definitely like to have all of my chickens at home.
      So far they're having a great time. They're connection was delayed last night so they got in SUPER late, and Savannah has not traveled with Craig before so she didn't know that he likes to keep hotel rooms at an arctic temperature. But they were up and off to breakfast by 8:30 this morning and spending the day golfing with Grandpa before the rehearsal dinner tonight. :)