Friday, July 12, 2013

High Five for Friday

Another lazy, summer week.  If we keep this up, I'm not sure I'll ever want school to start again... 

1.  Moving Furniture 

I have this crazy habit of getting extremely restless with the way my furniture looks in my house and spontaneously moving it around.  Often this involves transporting large pieces of furniture from one floor to the other.  And occasionally I have to call for help.  Today I moved my favorite giant fluffy chair out of my bedroom (that was a feat in itself because it's very very fluffy and WIDE!)  I moved this bookshelf into the bedroom and put this dining room chair in the space where the fluffy chair was, but it's too small.  Hmmm...I might have to go on a hunt for a suitable reading chair.  And the fluffy chair is still sitting in the entryway waiting for help to arrive and take it up the stairs.  

2.  Peach Jam
Two dozen jars of jam.  There is nothing more beautiful and satisfying than homemade jam!

3.  Free Slurpee Day at 7-11

4.  Innovation
McKay's solution to having to hold the towel while riding his bike.

5.   Floppy Hats
Because everyone needs a floppy turquoise hat in the summer!  <3

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