Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Craig and Savannah came home last night from their whirlwind Utah trip.  I can't tell you how excited I was to have them back.  It's one thing for Craig to leave on regular business trips, but it's another thing entirely for him to take one of the kids with him on a non-business trip...that lasts for almost a whole week.  (...have I mentioned that we will not be attending any future family gatherings separately?)  I am SO happy that all of my little chickens are back home.  We spent the evening looking at all the pictures from the trip, and filling each other in on all the events of the past week.  Craig and Savannah talked about how big all the cousins have gotten and how beautiful Maddie's wedding was.  We snuggled in front of the TV and watched our new favorite show Whodunnit.  Then the kids played several rounds of Clue until Savannah was finally satisfied with a win.  At 11:30p, we forced them all to go to bed.  And let me tell you...my little heart was overflowing to have a complete family around the table saying family prayer.  

Savannah had quite a lengthy list of things she hoped to do on this Utah trip.  Typically, when we travel there in a pack, we spend most of our time in a very small vicinity, so there isn't a lot of touring taking place.  Since they had more free time, and fewer siblings to accommodate, Savannah took full advantage of Craig's undivided attention, and led him to all of her dream Utah destinations.  

One of the things Savannah most wanted to do was to take a picture in front of every Temple in Utah (she was a little disappointed to find out that a handful of them were way out of the Salt Lake City radius.)
Brigham City
Mt. Timpanogas
Oquirrh Mountain
Provo City Center (under construction)
This one is my favorite in front of the SLC Temple doors. 
Understanding the eternal nature of the Temple will draw you to your family; understanding the eternal nature of the family will draw you to the Temple."  - Gary E. Stevenson, April 2009 General Conference

"As we touch the Temple, the Temple will touch us." - President Thomas S. Monson (Jordan River Temple dedication)

I am so grateful for a daughter who longs to be in holy places and who delights in the chance to hop out of the car and take a picture in front of all the Temples in Utah.  I am grateful that she has a vision for her future and the strong desire to achieve her goals.  And I am so grateful for a husband who indulges his daughters.  


  1. Yay! Your chicks are all home under your roof! And I love the beautiful pictures of her in front of the temples...especially that last one!

    How nice that your daughter had some special one on one time with her daddy. : )

    Enjoy your sweet family!

  2. Oh yes indeed! And those temples are in such GORGEOUS locations!!! I've never been to Utah. I've heard it so beautiful and from the few pics, it looks so to me :) I'm glad they arrived home safe and sound. I'm so happy that she was able to see such beauty as well!

  3. She is so pretty! Love the picture of her by the door!
    Glad you have all of your family together again!