Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rainy Days

This has been such a strange July.  It was 85 degrees on the 4th, and today it's 72!  We woke up to a steady drizzle on Sunday morning and it's been damp, grey and muggy ever since.  Perfect weather for baking cookies, napping, and reading books. 

Rainy days are kind of nice in the middle of the summer.  Yesterday we watched another season of Little House on the Prairie, made quiche for dinner, and wandered around the house in slippers and sweats all day long.  So perfect!

I think the plants are enjoying the cooler weather, too.  They look really pretty and vibrant when they're not all washed out by that blazing Texas sun.  


  1. Sounds PERFECT, Haunani. Rainy summer days with TV and jammies are a favorite around here. We have had quite a lot this summer. It finally got hot and sunny just yesterday. Enjoy, friend.

    Your pictures are beautiful, too. ; )

    1. It's so unusual for us to have this cooler weather. Typically Dallas is over 100 degrees and cloudless from June until August (...or September.) We're definitely enjoying this nice reprieve.