Friday, July 26, 2013

High Five for Friday

Here's the H54F post where I live vicariously through my daughter and my husband who are in Utah this week...without me.  

1.  Planes

2.  Golfing

3.  Cousins

4.  Newlyweds

5.  Bridesmaids

They're having so much fun with all of Craig's family.  I've talked to one sister-in-law and texted the other two.  I heard both Savannah's voice and Craig's today while they were driving to the reception.  I've only had two or three meltdowns.  I've slept for a total of 7 hours in two days.  And the very best part is that they're coming home in 4 days so I can get all the details I'm missing.  I'm not missing the next wedding...even if it means being ridiculously impractical and taking TWO summer vacations.  Lesson learned.  :)

Hope your weekend is amazing!


  1. I love love love the bridesmaid dresses!! The whole look is stunning! So happy your beautiful daughter is having fun...and I am counting the days until she is back with mom. And if course your man, too! : )

    1. Thanks so much Billie Jo! I'm thinking I might need to paint something or take these kids on a road trip tomorrow to get my mind off of where I'm NOT. This preview of what's going to happen in a few years as all of these kiddos leave my little nest is really killing me. :(

  2. Beautiful wedding photos!! Oh my! I'm loving the color scheme!