Thursday, July 11, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Do you know what my favorite show was when I was a little girl?  
Well, I had a lot of favorites.  I loved the Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family and The Monkees, and The Donny and Marie Show!  I was definitely a TV girl.  

But the show that would capture my complete and total attention for a whole hour and launch me back in time to the 1800s was LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE.  Melissa Gilbert made me want to wear calico dresses, call my parents Ma and Pa, and punch Nellie Oleson in the face.  I remember being really little and watching this every Wednesday night.   I dressed up as Laura Ingalls for Halloween one year.  And I devoured the entire series of Little House books one summer...which I still own and which my children have since devoured.  

This summer, Megan and I were talking about old TV shows and she remembered watching Little House in syndication when we lived in Utah.  Just before dinner every afternoon, the girls would sit in front of the TV just as captivated as I was at their age.  

We found the whole series on DVD at the library, so we decided to check out each season one at a time and spend our lazy summer days watching ALL of them!  Today we watched Disc 1, Season 1. 

And you know what!  I actually think I love this family more now than I did in 1974.  I cried during episode 2 when Ma made TWO blue dresses for Mary and Laura out of her beautiful fabric.  (...sniff)  

And even after almost 40 years, I still kinda wanted to punch Nellie Oleson in the face.  


  1. Well you already know that The Brady Bunch was my fave...but Little House was in close second!!! I loved that show then and still do...and yes...I had the exact same set of books. Exact! And still do and my girls read them too! In fact I read them aloud to them before bed when they were little...I miss those days!

    You were such a cutie! And tell me you too had the biggest crush on Albert! : )

  2. Ha ha! Did we grow up in the same house?? LOL

  3. My hubby got me the first season of Little House for my birthday! I loved it too when I was growing up. We watched the first one this week... The one when the men in the town come to help Pa finish the job so he does not loose his oxen. Such a sweet reminder of how we can help others... These days, everyone is so busy, we tend to look the other way. We need more Little House in this country!:)