Saturday, July 13, 2013

Weekend Surprises

I didn't even think we were doing anything this weekend, and then all of a sudden we were swamped with invitations for all these fun things!

Friday night, our neighbors invited us to a small town rodeo in Blue Ridge, TX (about an hour from here.)  Their daughter is a barrel racer...very cool!  

While we were at the rodeo, my friend Jill and I made plans to go antique shopping in McKinney this morning.  We got up bright and early so we could be there at 8:00am and start digging through treasures.  Unfortunately I didn't find a reading chair for the bedroom... :(

And about halfway through the rodeo, I got a text from another friend that said, "The boat is free tomorrow.  Wanna come??"  Um...heck yes we wanted to come!  We met our friends at Lake Lavon around noon and enjoyed the lake for almost 3 hours.  

Unexpectedly perfect weekend...friends, treasures, sun and water!

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  1. How fun! And you know...if you change your no reply blogger we could chat ! Just a thought! : )